About us
RVDO has global winning professionals who have encountered a number of clients over the years.
3D & VFX Motion Graphic
Professional creative group suggesting the latest trend-style 3D, VFX, motion graphic design
3D Procedural Modeling
Procedural workflow produces 3D art images with corporate intentions and messages
Experiential Design
Create 3D content that combines UI and service design to provide users with a unique experience
Our Company History
2022 Ministry of National Defense of South KoreaㅣYear-long content production for YouTube channel
Zespri Korea | 2022 IMC Campaign
Maeil DairiesㅣPromotional content of 'Greeting Milk' campaignㅣAwarded at Cannes Lions
DOT PADㅣVideo productionㅣAwarded Titanium & Bronze at Cannes Lions
Hyundai X Meta Kongzㅣ Publicity and key visual production
Johnson&Johnson Korea | Tylenol, TVC and key visual production
Hoban Construction X Pluxity | Case film and solution video production
3billion | Motion graphics brand video production
Astellas Pharma Korea | Brand campaign motion graphics video production
Happy Moonday | New product promotional TVC production
2021 Ministry of National Defense of South KoreaㅣProduce annual digital content on YouTube channel
Hyundai Motor Group | Hyundai Namyang Technology Research Center publicity production
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism | 'Do culture’ publicity production
National Changgeuk Company of Korea | ‘Tradition of tomorrow, This is National Changgeuk Company of Korea' promotional video production
2024 Winter Youth Olympics in GangwonㅣPromotional video production
Puradak Chickenㅣ‘Black Alio/Black Toowoomba’ TVC production
Office of the President Policy Tasks Performanceㅣ‘Korean New Deal’ promotional video production
Compassion KoreaㅣBrand campaign video production
Ministry of Unification X 1MILLION Dance Studio | ‘Peace, just a mile away’ Dance film production
Compassion | ‘Grow together, Compassion’ Brand campaign video production
Kakao Bank | New card design campaign video production
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism | campaign film, fashion film, documentary film production
KCA internationalㅣ‘Weird Royals:Gwanghae’ period film production
Launch Re-Be World
Google KoreaㅣDigital campaign video production
2020 Ministry of National Defense of South KoreaㅣYouTube annual digital content production
Ministry of National Defense of South KoreaㅣPublicity production - won the special jury prize on the ‘Advertisement of the Year Award’
Amore Pacific | Pink Run of the 20th anniversary publicity production
Hyundai Motor Group | Hyundai Motor Company traffic safety campaign publicity production
The Government of the Republic of Korea X 1MILLION Dance Studio | Covid19 campaign dance film production
Hanhwa DefenseㅣSNS channel management
Minho Lee X LAZADA Commercials publicity production
SONONㅣPortable ultrasound device case film. Finalist at Cannes Lions and Bronze at Clio Awards
DOT TRANSLATE, DOT MINIㅣWinner of multiple Cannes Lions
Hanhwa Defense UAE DX KoreaㅣIDEX Business introduction video production
CJ DIA TVㅣMV ‘Seeds of Happiness’ production
Ministry of National Defense of South KoreaㅣOfficial promotional film production
Doctors Without Borders TVㅣOnline fund raising advertisement film production
MOTIEㅣ‘Korea Sale Festa’ promotional video production
Korea Foundation, Seoul Tourism Organizationㅣpromotional motion graphics video production
GoodPeople - Uganda | Mother and child health business communication consulting
SBS HopeTV X GoodPeopleㅣContent production workshop with underprivileged teenagers from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya
DOT MINIㅣA smart media device for the visually impairedㅣAwarded at Cannes Lions
Korea FoundationㅣAnnual content production
2018 Ministry of National Defense of South KoreaㅣPromotional video production
MOTIEㅣKorea Sale Festa | Shinee Minho ‘Life is good’ promotional video production
Hyundai Motor Group SCB | ‘Driving Plus', ‘H-Social Creator’ promotional video production
Hanhwa Defenseㅣ‘REMEMBER 180’ Documentary film production
GoodPeople - Kenya | Web Series Production Workshop with 20 Teenagers living in the Slums of Nairobi (6 months)
Save the Children Koreaㅣ'End of International Sponsorship Business' campaign video production
SK Happiness Foundationㅣ‘SK SUNNY Scholar’ publicity production
SBS Hope Schoolㅣ<Kenya Samlis Media School> Short filmㅣProducing education/content release
KT X Healcerionㅣ'Mobile Supersonic Digital Healthcare Service‘ publicity production
KOICA - Nepal | Broadcasting company facility support and production capacity and skills development program (1 year)
SBS HopeTV X GoodPeople - Kenya | Short film Production with Mobile Device Workshop (3 weeks)
Lunit Insight ‘Introducing: Lunit' video production
SBS HopeTV X Good Neighbors - Zanzibar | TV/radio program account/production/editing education
Goel Foundation Tanzania | Short film Production with Mobile Device Workshop
Foundation of Paulus Co., Ltd.
Our Global Partners