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3D video making experience.

Cloud Computing

Powerful cloud computing technology in the form of SAAS enables high-quality 3D video to be produced on smartphones rather than on high-end PCs.

Ready Made Option

Anyone can easily create a 3D video with a 3D design and imaging professional's fingertips-born swagable templates and options.

Real Time Rendering

Unreal Engine 5.1, the industry's leading real-time rendering engine, allows you to produce high-quality 3D images in the shortest possible time.

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Discover a variety of changeable 3D templates with no limits to expression.


Create product videos to target consumers


Create a variety of video content to showcase your character IP.

Virtual Human

Use humanoids to create human-centered video such as fashion shows and cosmetic advertisement.

User Can

Use Various Camera Angle

Play with any style of cinematography or camera angle without needing to know technical details such as aperture level, shutter speed, ISO, lighting etc.

Workspace page > Camera Angle Design

Change Set Design

Select any type of set or location, from exotic natural places to artistic studios, with a simple click. Your characters and objects remain fully independent of these changes.

Workspace page > Set Design

Replace 3D Objects

Do everything from inserting and swapping between 3D objects to including meta-humans as models with our fully non-linear editing solution.

Workspace page > Change Elements